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 There has been in recent years the ever growing tendency to encompass various branches of law (e.g. Commercial Law, Company Law, Contract Law and Industrial Law) under the definition of “Business Law” when used within the context of a business. Therefore, Antonio Zama and Veronica Locatelli, founders of the Studio legale Iusgate in Bologna in November 2011, could well have referred to themselves as “Lawyers for Businesses”.

Instead they decided to refer to themselves as “Lawyers for Entrepreneurs”. This is not due to a snobbish attitude on THEIR part but merely to genuinely reflect the aim of both the Law Firm itself and its members, and their approach to the work.

This might at first glance appear to be trivial, but to be the consultant of an entrepreneur or to be the consultant for an entrepreneur is different from being the consultant for a business. Being the consultant of an entrepreneur means to have an in-depth understanding of his/her needs, to share his/her fears and projects (short and long-term) in order to offer tailor-made solutions which are efficient and respectful of his/her economic needs. This gives rise to sympathetic feelings between the entrepreneur and the consultant which –besides leading to a mutual enrichment- gratifies one and the other with an ongoing relationship.

Iusgate supports the entrepreneur in the management of a wide range of activities, from the most “traditional” and “routine” –such as the drafting of contracts, and debt recovery- to the most complex (and articulated) operations and projects- such as the study of the legal aspects of e-commerce platforms or of more complex and innovative initiatives on the network of agents and franchising (both in Italy and abroad). Iusgate also assists clients in the legal requirements necessary to protect the business from any criminal liability and/or from product liability.

Iusgate –with its head office in Bologna and branch office in Milano, provides legal services throughout Italy (primarily in Emilia Romagna, Toscana, Lombardia, Piemonte, Veneto) to Italian and foreign clients. If the nature or complexity of our client’s situation or project requires it, we are able to activate collaborations with Italian and foreign experts in the “Business Law” field (e.g. Environment Law, Insolvency Law, Employment law, Industrial Law and Commercial Criminal Law).

Our expertise in a nutshell

National and International Commercial Law

Drafting of Agency Agreements, Distribution Agreements, Supply Agreements, Pilotage Agreements; Franchising Agreements, Confidentiality Agreements, General Terms and Conditions. Furthermore Iusgate manages the relationships with everyone involved in the commercial network and assists clients in the contract termination phase and in the litigation.

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New Technologies Law and Privacy Law

Drafting of the contract necessary for the provision of back office and front office services, and drafting of legal notes for websites. Drafting of all contracts of the IT field (e.g. Hosting Agreements, contracts for the realization and implementation of websites and softwares and Maintenance Agreements) and strategic configuration of the Privacy Policies and related documents.

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Transport Law

Drafting of agreements for the carrying out of road haulage activities, and management of relationships between customers and carriers.

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Company Law

Configuration of businesses’ proxies also as a means of guaranteeing important safeguards for businesses against criminal liability and against the commissioning of company frauds

The Discipline of the Criminal Liability of Businesses

Strategic consulting for the mapping and identification of risks, for the drafting of organizational models and for the taking up of posts in regulatory bodies.

Insolvency Law

Assistance with the participation in voluntary arrangement procedures with creditors.

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